The Institute for Experiential Learning (IFEL), a global service organization committed to promoting Kolb Experiential Learning through consulting, training, coaching, assessment, research and a community of practice.


What is Experiential Learning?

David A. Kolb, PhD, developed an ideal learning process (the learning cycle) and nine ways of approaching it (the learning styles). Experiential learning gives people the tools to take charge of their lives. It provides a holistic approach to living and a process for adaptation and change.

This process can help people improve their performance, learn something new, and achieve their goals. The process is a catalyst for education; teamwork; problem solving and decision-making; knowledge transfer; continuous improvement; business development; client, patient, and provider experience; leadership development, training and education, and even vertical development. Ultimately, understanding the learning process and one’s approach to using it is the key to self-transformation and growth.

In one’s career, family, and personal life, a better understanding of the learning process and your learning preferences is the key to a better life. Experiential Learning empowers everyone to learn from experience throughout his or her life, in each and every moment.


Who benefits from working with IFEL?

We work with leaders and managers, educators in K-12 and higher education, human resource professionals in training and talent development, organization development and coaching, professionals in all fields, and life-long learners. Our clients come from the following industries: education, professional services, health care, law, finance, manufacturing, management, engineering, IT, and non-profit settings.  The Experiential Learning Community of Practice supports practitioners who apply Experiential Learning in their work by virtual conferences and the annual Experiential Learning Conference.


Contact us to learn how you can apply Experiential Learning to benefit you and your organization.  info@experientiallearninginstitute.org