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What We Do

“In times of change, learners will inherit the earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

Eric Hoffer

The Institute for Experiential Learning is dedicated to promoting the theory and practice of Experiential Learning worldwide.

We will bring Experiential Learning to you through  group programs, workshops, coaching and consulting.

Experiential Learning Certification Program.  New Online Program.  

Contact Kay Peterson  (peterson@experientiallearninginstitute.org)

Are you a leader, educator, coach or consultant who wants to incorporate Experiential Learning into your professional practice?  Join our certification program to learn about Experiential Learning, the practical applications, and the assessments.  You will change the way you connect with your colleagues, students, patients, clients, and family members.  Contact peterson@experientiallearninginstitute.org for application details.

Programs for Educators and Coaches

We provide introductory and advanced programs for educators and coaches who wish to apply Experiential Learning and the nine Learning Styles in their practice. Educators and coaches begin by defining their own learning preferences and exploring how learning flexibility will impact their practice.  Then, we focus on using the process of learning in professional practice and design, and on empowering your students and clients to learn how to learn.

Allow us to bring foundational programs to educational institutions where we can empower educators to become experiential learners and educators.

Group Programs and Workshops for Organizations

We will come to your organizations, institutions, cities, educational systems and professional meetings to introduce and implement Experiential Learning. Our goal:  supporting learners who reach their full potential and create learning teams and organizations. We can customize programs to introduce Experiential Learning to your employees, students, and professionals at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Allow us to bring our foundational programs of Experiential Learning to you, then we can customize application programs to leverage your organizational strengths and minimize the weaknesses. Examples include: leadership development; high performance teams; strategic planning, decision-making and problem solving; client development; client experience;  patient and provider experience; career transitions and encore careers.  We will create programs that target your needs.

Coaching for Individuals-  Special Offer:  Take the KLSI with a Coaching Debrief

Are you an individual interested in reaching your full potential?  Our coaching program can support you as you improve your leadership effectiveness and transform your life through Experiential Learning.  Through the program, you will learning about your own approach to learning and life, and build learning flexibility–the ability to use all nine styles of learning to meet any situation successfully. The benefits of learning flexibility: gaining greater overall flexibility in life, experiencing less conflict and stress, and managing complexity. Flexible people are happier and more integrated.

Stuck in a rut?

If your automatic preferences are keeping you stuck, try learning from experience.  It’s the antidote to rigid behavioral patterns that aren’t working for you, your teams, your classrooms and your organizations.