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Becoming an Experiential Educator

Becoming an experiential educator involves honoring the full cycle of experiential learning by playing multiple roles in the learning process. Highly effective educators do not rely solely on one role.  Rather, they organize their educational activities in such a manner that they address all four learning modes—experiencing, reflecting, thinking, and acting. As they do this, they lead learners around the cycle, shifting the role they play depending on the stage of the cycle they are addressing.

Special Introductory Price $149.00 US  (Regularly $179)


  • Discuss foundations of experiential learning
  • Review experiential learning theory and the four learning modes
  • Debunking the matching myth
  • Explore a model of shared responsibility for learning
  • Complete educator role profile
  • Reflection
  • Explore our personal profile of beliefs, practices, styles, and goals associated with key educator roles,
  • Discover how to move among educator roles to help learners engage in deep learning,
  • Learn strategies to enhance our ability to play key roles in the teaching and learning process.

Facilitator:  Angela Passerelli, PhD

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