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How You Learn Is How You Lead

Online Self-Paced Learning

How You Learn Is How You Lead will help leaders at every level gain insights to improve key leadership skills. What makes this approach to leadership different is that it focuses on how to improve outcomes based on your style AND your situation. The interactive program engages learners by combining information with personalized strategies. Learn how to learn and how to become a complete leader.
This program is a self-paced online interactive program consisting of four modules:
1. The Ideal Process of Learning
2. Understanding Your Learning Style and Communicating with Others Whose Styles are Different
3. Becoming a “Both-And” Leader
4. Building Flexibility to be a Complete Leader


How You Learn Is How You Lead

Train the Trainer

If you are interested in the Train -the-Trainer program for How You Learn Is How You Lead, please contact us today at  This unique program is delivered by Anne Blum, Instructional Designer and Master Facilitator.  Bring Experiential Learning to your clients or organization by focusing on leadership of self and others. Make Experiential Learning and learning styles the foundation for talent development.