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Certification Program

Learn about Experiential Learning from leaders in the field.  Join Educators in K-12 and higher education, Human Resource professionals in OD, coaching and training and development, and research scholars interested in the application of experiential learning principles in their work.  This online program is designed as a “flipped classroom” with interactive discussion sessions, learning partners, and individual coaching.  The Experiential Learning Certification Program (Level 1) focuses on the principles of Experiential Learning including the following:

  • Experiential Learning: Using the Learning Cycle for Effectiveness in Learning and Life
  • Learning Spaces: Creating Learning Spaces in Conversation
  • Learning Style: Understanding Preferences to Learning and Grow
  • Learning Flexibility: Supporting Adaptability and Change
  • Team Learning: Applying Experiential Learning for Team Effectiveness
  • Your Educator Role: Educating Around the Learning Cycle
  • Experiential Exercises: Designing Effective Experiences
  • Deep Learning: Developing Expertise and Sustaining Lifelong Learning

Train the Trainer: How You Learn Is How You Lead


Be part of the first train the trainer program for the new How You Learn Is How You Lead training program. This program will help leaders at every level gain insights to improve key leadership skills.  What makes this approach to leadership different is that it focuses on how to improve outcomes based on your style AND your situation.  The interactive program engages learners by combining information with personalized strategies.

Companion to the new online training program available in April 2018.

Coaching Services

Are you an individual interested in reaching your full potential? Our coaching program can support you as you improve your leadership effectiveness and transform your life through Experiential Learning. Through the program, you will learning about your own approach to learning and life, and build learning flexibility–the ability to use all nine styles of learning to meet any situation successfully. The benefits of learning flexibility: gaining greater overall flexibility in life, experiencing less conflict and stress, and managing complexity. Flexible people are happier and more integrated.

Group Programs

We will come to your organizations, institutions, cities, educational systems and professional meetings to introduce and implement Experiential Learning. Our goal: supporting learners who reach their full potential and create learning teams and organizations. We can customize programs to introduce Experiential Learning to your employees, students, and professionals at the individual, team and organizational levels.