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In How You Learn Is How You Live, Kay Peterson and David Kolb partner to provide an engaging look at how to renew your natural ability to learn.

How You Learn Is How You Live is a guide to awakening the power of learning that lies within us – to show how we can increase our capability to learn from experience throughout our lives, in each and every moment.  How we make sense of it all to find meaning, purpose, and direction in our lives is experiential learning.

If this book marks your first introduction to David Kolb’s pioneering experiential learning theory of how you learn, you are in for a life-altering experience.  In this book, David Kolb and Kay Peterson make experiential learning accessible to everyone who wants to continue developing throughout life.

How You Learn Is How You Live presents the new nine learning styles that define the ideal way to learn.  The book will help you to identify your own learning style preferences and build flexibility to use all the styles.  In doing so, you will be able to reach your highest potential and transform your life.


How You Learn Is How You Live Personal Development Guide

by Kay Peterson and David A. Kolb

This guide is a companion to How You Learn Is How You Live:  Using Nine Ways of Learning to Transform Your Life.  The guide is designed to help you increase your learning power by better understanding your preferred way of learning and developing skill in the use of all nine styles of learning.  In this book, you will be guided through a process that deepens your understanding of experiential learning, the learning cycle and the learning styles, and provides opportunities for you to apply the principles and practices to your own life.

The Experiential Educator: Principles and Practices of Experiential Learning

by Alice Y. Kolb and David A. Kolb

Educators who have discovered experiential learning theory and applied its principles have experienced a transformational impact on the learners they serve and on their own professional development. Alice Y. Kolb and David A. Kolb bring you these principles and practices in their new comprehensive handbook. Inside this book you will find a practical description of the principles of experiential learning distilled from foundational scholars from William James and John Dewey to Carl Rogers and Paulo Freire. Become an experiential educator and unleash the power of experiential learning.