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The Institute for Experiential Learning is a global service organization committed to promoting Experiential Learning through consulting, training, coaching, assessment, and research.

The principles and practices of Kolb Experiential Learning can help people in all stages of life and in any field improve performance, learn more effectively, and reach their highest potential.

Certification Program

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2018 Experiential Learning Conference

The Power of Opposites: Using Imagining and Deciding Learning Styles
June 21-22, 2018

Glidden House in Cleveland, Ohio

Books & Workbooks

In How You Learn Is How You Live, Kay Peterson and David Kolb partner to provide an engaging look at how to renew your natural ability to learn.

How You Learn Is How You Live is a guide to awakening the power of learning that lies within us – to show how we can increase our capability to learn from experience throughout our lives, in each and every moment.  How we make sense of it all to find meaning, purpose, and direction in our lives is experiential learning.

How You Learn Is How You Live presents the new nine learning styles that define the ideal way to learn.  The book will help you to identify your own learning style preferences and build flexibility to use all the styles.  In doing so, you will be able to reach your highest potential and transform your life.